1. to produce an effect upon (someone or something)
2. a set of observable manifestations of an experienced emotion : the facial expressions, gestures, postures, vocal intonations, etc., that typically accompany an emotion
Collection IX examines the preoccupation with keeping outsides and insides separate by purposefully obscuring the line between them. A continuation of A--Company’s interest in fashion codes, the collection seeks to look at what tailoring’s biases reveal about the way we think about our dependence on one another.
In Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick’s book, Novel Gazing: Queer Readings in Fiction, the author writes: “The caress is not a simple stroking; it is a shaping.” This line struck us so hard that it sent the collection into envisioning an embrace so deep it becomes an act of complete absorption.
The warping of the individual is an essential part of this process and so it became critical to ours. Rather than avoiding in-betweeness, the clothes embrace them and the shaping becomes as legible as the shape.
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