1. close-fitting trousers of heavy denim for manual work or casual wear 2. a garment extending from the waist to the knee or angle, covering each leg separately.
“Is it possible to leave everything behind? Is it possible to begin again, outside of and beyond every system of living that you’ve ever known, reinventing what it means (and looks like) to exist, as a body and its soul, on the land?”- Carmen Winant Notes on Fundamental Joy
Days before New York City’s lockdown, I met a painter who was dressed entirely in blue: navy blue jacket, blue striped shirt, deep blue trousers, and light blue socks. There was an immediate understanding and kinship. I trust people who hold this value to blue. I gravitate towards blue’s curiosity, its depth, its vastness, and incredible way of encompassing you in comfort. It’s a color of change, of in-between, of possibility...
For Collection V: Blue Jeans, I took inspiration from the work uniform, the pant of the people, the pant of second-wave lesbians, the pant of trailblazers. It’s the pant you wear when wanting the comfort of sweatpants but with a straighter posture. The pant everyone has a favorite of and one that sits in the back of the closet. The pant that grows with you—the indigo becomes a backdrop of all your gestures fading and creasing, forming to be yours.
Photography Angalis Field
Photography Chelsea Mitchell
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