1. A tall cabinet, closet, or small room built to hold clothes. 2. Garments considered as a group, especially all the articles of clothing that belong to one person.
We sought to find a new and more sustainable way of designing a collection, one that limits excess and overdevelopment—to look at the A--Company archive as one looks at their own wardrobe. In offering some favorite styles from past collections in their original design or reimagining them in new colors and fabrics, we seek to underline that good design can transgress seasons. Good design can be conceptual, long-lasting, and always discovered anew.
“I wanna look like what I am but don’t know what someone like me looks like. I mean, when people look at me I want them to think—there’s one of those people that reasons, that is a philosopher, that has their own interpretation of happiness. That’s what I am.” — Lou Sullivan
Photography Annie Powers
Photography James Emmerman
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