1. a lightweight, usually knitted, pullover shirt, close-fitting and with a round neckline and short sleeves, worn as an undershirt or outer garment. 2. a simple piece of clothing, usually with short sleeves and no collar, that covers the top part of the body.
Beginning with a t-shirt, this collection comprises an exploration of the universally worn garment. Typically understood as a casual garment, it is deconstructed and reformatted throughout the collection. 
The collection is a callback to the larger dialogue that we intend to explore, weaving a post-modern amalgamation of ongoing conversations about sustainability, the body and its performance of self, and the purpose of design. Inviting the wearers to continue posing questions alongside us, the finished garments provide physical placeholders to rethink these matters as we seek cultural and social change.
Paying tribute to the traditional salon format, this season’s presentation is structured to reflect how we deduce essential elements from complex interactions and extract meaning from belongings and aesthetics, abstracting them to recontextualize both elements of fashion and history.
Photography Don Ashby
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